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Amazon Rainforest


Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is a vast region in the horizontal and northern part of South America, comprising the rainforest of the Amazon River basin. The adjacent regions of the Guianas and Gran Chaco also have rainforests and are often considered part of the Amazon, especially by WWF (The World Wildlife Fund).

The Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical forest in the world. It is estimated to cover 7,000,000 km² in nine countries, of which Brazil and Peru have the largest area, followed by Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

Tours and expeditions

Tambopata Tours - Lunch time
Tambopata Rainforest Tour

You will find Amazonian wildlife in its natural state.

Remote Ecolodges

Ecolodges in the depths of the Amazon rainforest designed to conserve and have the best experience.


Your visit helps organizations generate income for plant and animal conservation and protect them from illegal loggers and traffickers.

Positive impact

Have a positive impact on the rainforest and become an ally for conservation.

These and more are enough reasons to visit the Amazon Rainforest

Live the best experience from the hand of professionals.

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