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Best Hotels in Puerto maldonado

Many people wonder about hotels in Puerto Maldonado. I will tell you a little about this beautiful city of Peru, the capital is called Puerto Maldonado and its department Madre de Dios, and the province of Tambopata, with a population of about 137,316 inhabitants. 

    Its source of economy is Chestnut Harvesting, Timber Extraction, Hydrocarbons, Agriculture and Livestock, Hunting, Fishing, and what allowed it to bring more economic improvements was the construction of its first airport in the 1980s, the attraction of people passionate about ecotourism in that region, and finally Mining because it represents the main economic activity.

   Its maximum temperature is 33ºC, with a rainy-tropical climate; it normally extends during the months of October to April, these rainy seasons are equivalent to the global conditions and the reactions that circulate in the atmosphere, determine an intertropical zone, which clearly leads to the increase of humid air and the fair warming of the region. 

   Therefore, Puerto Maldonado is a city with dense forests, where you can enjoy countless species of exotic animals. Its inhabitants are kind, hospitable and gentle.

    The means of transportation in the city is the mototaxi, better known as “torito”, and also personal linear motorcycles, the price is between 5 and 10 soles, easy and very practical. While in the city we recommend visiting the main square where the tower and the clock of the Glorieta, was a legacy of the Japanese colony in Peru, as a form of gratitude for the welcome.

I want to highlight some names of hotels for you, since that is the purpose of the text.

Hotel La Torre

This is one of the best hotels in Puerto Maldonado, it is located in a good area.

      Prolongación. Cajamarca con Marco Ruiz, Tambopata, 17001, Madre de Dios, Peru.

      Price: varies between S/149 and S/224  

hotel la torre pto maldonado: best hotels in Puerto Maldonado

Hotel Copasu

      Ernesto Rivero 540, Puerto Maldonado 17001

       Price: varies between S/200 and S/243  

HOTEL COPASU: best hotels in Puerto Maldonado

Hotel Centenario

This hotel is one of the newest and has quickly become one of the best hotels in Puerto Maldonado, it is located in the heart of the city and has good rooms.

      Av. 2 de Mayo 744, Puerto Maldonado 17001

      Price: varies between S/224 and S/310  


Hotel Cabaña Quinta

It is one of the hotels with style and tradition with very atmospheric wooden cabins and what to say about breakfast, highly recommended, has over 30 years of prestige. located a few blocks from the Plaza de Armas in the city of Puerto Maldonado.

      Quiet hotel, located 10 minutes walk from the Madre de Dios River, 10 km from the Padre Aldamiz International Airport and 11 km from the Tambopata National Reserve in the Amazon rainforest.

    Moquegua 422, Puerto Maldonado 17001

      Price: 120- 250 soles.

Tambopata Lodge

      6 km from the international airport of Puerto Maldonado and a 9-minute walk from the

      9 minutes walk from the Plaza de Armas in the center of town. 

      Rooms range from S/78 to S/149.     

Wasai Hotel

      Hotel Wasai, Jr. Billighurst n 082, Puerto Maldonado

       Price: S/153  

wasai hotel: best hotels in Puerto Maldonado

Hotel Puerto Amazónico

      Av. Leon Velarde 1080, Puerto Maldonado 17001 – 

       quiet hotel, a modern building surrounded by stores, a 12-minute walk from the picturesque Plaza de Armas and 10 km from Padre Aldamiz International Airport.

       Price varies from S/189 to S/200. 

HOTEL PTO AMAZONICO: best hotels in Puerto Maldonado

Libelula Lodging

      Jiron Puno 429, Puerto Maldonado 17001

       Price varies between S/94 and S/126.

Tambopata River Bungalows

      KM. 3.7 Tourist Corridor, 17001

 The Tambopata Inn Hotel is 700 m from the center of Puerto Maldonado.

      Tambopata No. 677, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

      The price varies between S/94 and S/145.

Kapievi Ecovillage

     Located 15 minutes by car from the central square of the city.

      Kapievi Ecovillage is a 15-minute drive from Padre Aldamiz International Airport.

     Km 1 Carretera bajo Tambopata sector Chapajall, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

      The stay varies between S/265 and S/300.

Villa Hermosa

      Villa Hermosa, Km 025, Tambopara, Puerto Maldonado 17001

       Price between S/177 and S/240

Passiflora Hotel

      Passiflora Camp, Km. 4.8 Ecotourism Corridor Tambopata Kiajabake Bame, Puerto Maldonado

      Price S/133 

Hotel Príncipe I

      Jiron Gonzales Prada #335, Puerto Maldonado

     Price S/235 and S/259

Anaconda Jungle Lodge

       Filadelfia is 47 km from the lodge, while La Torre is 29 km away. The nearest airport is Puerto Maldonado International Airport, 9 km from Anaconda Lodge.

       Av. Aeropuerto s/n (km 5), Puerto Maldonado, Peru 

       Price from S/79 to S/561

Hotel Boulevard

      It is 06Km from Puerto Maldonado International Airport, which offers airport pick-up service.

       Av león velarde 119, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Hotel Jose Antonios Inn

       The hotel is 8 blocks from the Mercado Modelo and 15 blocks from the main square of the city.

       Madre de Dios Nº 851, Puerto Maldonado, Peru 

       Price between $37 and $70


       Royal Inn Puerto is a budget hotel located in the very center of the city, The property has 45 rooms.

        You can quickly reach the Tambopata National Reserve, which is only 1.1 km away.

        Lake Sandoval is also close to the hotel.

         Corner of Leon Velarde and Avenida 2 De Mayo, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

         Price S/60-90 soles.

Tambopata Hostel

It is the first hotel for backpackers and tourists on a budget, is located 4 blocks from the Plaza de Armas and very close to the stores of the main avenue. has a pool and is super spacious environment with a terrace for games, includes breakfast for its guests.

address: Jr. Gonzales Prada # 161 (next to Faustino Maldonado school), Puerto Maldonado.

from: 25 soles.

TAMBOPATA HOSTEL: best hotels in Puerto Maldonado

Hotel Enai

     Located 9 km from Puerto Maldonado International Airport.

     Carretera Bajo Madre de Dios, kilometer 3, Puerto Maldonado, Peru.

       Price: S/300 


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