Tambopata research center

Tambopata Rainforest Sunset
Tambopata research center
Tambopata research center
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This remote lodge has only 24 rooms and is located in the Tambopata National Reserve. With a combination of hands-on nature exploration and luxury services, a stay at the Tambopata Research Center Lodge is a unique experience.

Why Choose Tambopata Research Center


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Science and Conservation

Since 1989 developing and hosting scientific research aiming at the conservation of the Amazonian Rainforest. Now home of Wired Amazon

Wildlife Observation

A pristine protected forest that let you have the best wildlife observation opportunities in the region. Check out our wildlife sightings.


A comprehensive set with more than a dozen off-the-beaten-path activities and excursions that you will love.

Remote ecolodge

Inside the Tambopata National Reserve in front of the Bahuaja Sonene National Park.


Exclusive rooms to make your stay the best.

Positive impact

Have a positive impact on the rainforest and become an ally for conservation.

Wild animals

Chance to see wild animals during your visit to the lodge.

Life at Tambopata Research Center Lodge

If you are traveling to Peru to experience the flora and fauna of the rainforest, you will be pleased to find much of nature alive at the Tambopata Research Center. Your adventure begins with a 3-hour boat ride. As the river moves away from civilization and into the Amazon, here you will begin to see capybaras and caimans. In your room, an open window next to a front row seat offers you the sounds of the Amazon jungle.

During the day, you will walk along elevated walkways inside the lodge. These walkways, which place you at the ideal level between the jungle floor and the ground, are the perfect place to watch the jungle come alive and observe herds of jungle pigs as they gather nuts from nearby palm trees. Would you like to rejuvenate and relax after days of travel and adventure? Book an appointment at the lodge’s spa.

While a Swedish massage is always a hit, the intense jungle massage is an experience like no other. Hot stones are used along with local matico and eucalyptus plants to soothe the skin, relax the muscles and revitalize the body. Afterwards, sip a refreshing Pisco Sour at the bar and shop for handmade artisan products at the boutique.

Tambopata research center
Tambopata Rainforest Tour

Excursions from Tambopata Research Center Lodge

Tambopata Research Center is located near five distinct wildlife habitats and offers ample opportunities to see everything from parrots to monkeys. Many guests are even delighted to see jaguars. Although you are free to combine activities, there are three pre-designed itineraries, ranging from four to six days, meticulously designed to help you make the most of your time in Peru.

In the company of expert guides, you can hike through a bamboo forest in search of howler and titi monkeys. Other walks explore the swamp and rainforest in the hope of seeing spider and capuchin monkeys, as well as leaf-cutter ants and birds, including parakeets and woodpeckers. Observe the vibrant shades of orange and soft pinks reflected in the river during a sunset cruise.

Macaws and clay lick at Tambopata Research Center Lodge

Living up to its name, the Tambopata Research Center is more than a vacation getaway and focuses on research on the conservation and protection of the macaw population. In 1989, the Tambopata Macaw Project was born with the goal of saving the species from the threats of hunting, logging and the black market.

Central to these efforts is a natural clay lick in the area, which attracts hundreds of birds every day. Although it is not yet known why the macaws are attracted to the clay lick, it is believed, thanks to the efforts of the Tambopata Macaw Project, that the birds need the sodium found in the salty soil. You will witness this phenomenon firsthand on a sunrise excursion.

Coffee in hand, you will depart by boat to the clay lick. As the sky begins to lighten, you will hear the first birdsongs of red and green macaws, blue and yellow macaws and macaws descending on the clay lick. The flurry of colors and sounds is a spectacle that must be seen to be believed.

For avid birders, wildlife enthusiasts and explorers of the world, a stay at the Tambopata Research Center is a must. Best of all, you can feel good about supporting the conservation efforts of this carbon-neutral lodge while indulging in amenities like spa services and three meals a day.

Tambopata Rainforest Tour
Tambopata Rainforest Tour

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