Sandoval Lake

If you love nature, you can’t miss this trip to this wonderful place. The Peruvian jungle in the Amazon is a magical and mysterious destination where you can enjoy a romantic getaway or an unparalleled adventure. When you think of the Amazon and the jungle of Peru, you don’t necessarily think of luxurious accommodations and comforts, but these are available for you to enjoy. And justly one of the most charming places full of natural beauty is Lake Sandoval, where you can enjoy the diverse and numerous species of flora and fauna while admiring beautiful landscapes. That is why, AMAZON RAINFOREST EXPERIENCE COMPANY, we want to recommend to you everything about Sandoval Lake and how to enjoy a formidable tour. Everything you need to know about Sandoval Lake Information about Sandoval Lake Location of the lake? How to get to Sandoval Lake, Information about the tours, Where to stay, Sandoval Lake weather,


Lake Sandoval is one of the attractions of Tambopata. It is one of the most biologically diverse areas on the planet. Lake Sandoval is located within the Tambopata National Reserve itself, very close to Puerto Maldonado. This destination offers one of the best experiences available in the Peruvian Amazon. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful city of Puerto Maldonado, you cannot miss the lake. It is one of the main attractions of the capital Madre de Dios, so you will find several excursion options in the surroundings. This beautiful place, away from the bustling centers, lets the natural noises of the night proliferate and its natural landscapes are the protagonists. Here you will find great biodiversity that you will be able to appreciate and photograph. More than 1,000 species of birds and numerous animals of the Amazon rainforest have been recorded. Such as giant otters, black caimans, cranes, macaws and turtles, among others. It is also a refuge for the most spectacular predators in danger of extinction.

4 reasons to visit this beautiful natural mirror in the jungle

In Sandoval Lake you can learn more about the rich Peruvian flora and fauna.

Within the department of Madre de Dios in Peru there is a place considered “mirror of heaven”. We are talking about Lake Sandoval, a beautiful and magical destination that can only be reached by boat or by taking an excursion.

This attraction is located in the center of the Tambopata National Reserve and to get there you have to take a boat from Puerto Maldonado and then walk for 45 minutes to the lake.

The entrance to the reserve costs 30 soles, we recommend to spend at least one night in this place and see the wildlife refuge in all its splendor.

1. Hike in the middle of the jungle

This reserve not only protects the animals, but also the communities. Therefore, there are only a few areas that you can get to know. The guide will show you the birds, spiders, insects and wild animals of its ecosystem.

Lake Sandoval is located in the Tambopata National Reserve.

2. Night visit

Lake Sandoval has a lodge inside that has all the comforts and is organized by an NGO that works in the conservation of the place. At night, there are tours of the lake to see otters, lizards and snakes.

3. Fantastic animals

There are all types, colors and textures, it is a haven for animal life. You will be amazed at everything from cormorants, cat tigers, giant otters and lizards.

The sheer number of animals will leave you open-mouthed.

4. Breathtaking scenery

As mentioned at the beginning, it is considered a great mirror in the middle of the jungle. Waiting for the sunset in the region is a unique experience that you can live in few places in the world.


The main attraction of the Tambopata National Reserve is perhaps one of the most beautiful jungle lakes in the Amazon. We refer, of course, to Lake Sandoval. It is located about three hours from the city of Puerto Maldonado, in southeastern Peru. More specifically in the low jungle that gives way to the great Amazon. It is a protected area and refuge for more than 74 types of reptiles, 1,300 species of butterflies, 592 birds, 127 amphibians and 103 mammals. It is among the ten areas of biodiversity with the greatest abundance of wildlife on the planet. The area promotes ecotourism. It is not only a source of income for the inhabitants of these areas, but also a way to raise awareness and knowledge of how to treat the planet in order to preserve it. Ecotourism is the practice of tourism with a responsible and environmentally friendly orientation. And here, in Tambopata, we can show you how to practice it.


To get to the famous Sandoval Lake, it is recommended to take a flight to Puerto Maldonado, which is the entrance to the different routes of the Peruvian Amazon. One option is to leave the Imperial City and take advantage of the different Amazon tours from Cusco. To take an excursion to the interior of Lake Sandoval, it is essential to organize it with a tourist agency, since it will be necessary to go through the Tambopata Reserve. From the moment you disembark in the city, our staff will accompany you from arrival to departure, so that you do not have to worry about anything. After entering the reserve, you will take a short bus ride to the Tambopata River. Here a motorized canoe will be waiting for us.

You will take a boat ride (40 minutes) and then arrive at the main entrance of this beautiful place. Then you will reach a road, where a moderate road awaits you. The whole road is a visual spectacle where the real magic of the tour begins. From there, you will be able to distinguish some species of animals and birds. After walking a few minutes along a narrow path, you will arrive at a pier. And, depending on the weather (November-April rainy season), you will take a rowboat and row to the heart of the lake itself. From here we will connect with nature, full of indescribable peace and tranquility. This and much more will be felt on the way to Sandoval Lake.


If you like to observe animals and other species, very close to the city of Puerto Maldonado is the pristine Sandoval Lake. This beautiful meander-shaped lake is separated from the main course of the Madre de Dios River. Its calm waters are perfect for navigation with rowing canoes or canoes without a motor so as not to scare away the animals. In addition, this area is considered to be one of the most biodiverse areas of Peru. A tour of the Sandoval Lake is one of the best tours available and recommended for this experience in Puerto Maldonado. During the tour, you will be able to observe, film, and take pictures of the different animals such as howler monkeys, aquatic turtles, caimans and many birds of Tambopata. There are full day, two days and up to 6-day excursions to explore and get to know this wonderful place. You can take an excursion with a naturalist guide who will explain everything there is to see and you will be able to see hundreds of exotic animals. It is advisable to book in advance to guarantee your visit. We recommend visiting during the sunrise or pre-sunset hours. This is when the fauna is at its most animated. Including night walks will give you a different view of the region and its animals.


Take a cruise through a forest of palm trees over 30 meters high, the famous flooded Mauritias. Meanwhile, and enjoy large groups of macaws that fill the air with their sounds. You will also see the playful brown capuchin monkeys as they stroll through the palm trees, as well as groups of 50 or more squirrel monkeys jumping in the trees. And when the sun goes down, experience the night life of the lake under a starry sky in search of black caimans. Nature guides will bring the jungle to life with their explanations of the ecology and the animal world. Learn about the natural history of the area by exploring the trails and enjoying the many species of birds and monkeys. This and much more is a tour of Lake Sandoval. The entire trail is surrounded by vegetation and beautiful scenery. If you are lucky, you may even see the mighty jaguar stalking its prey and other jungle predators. Lake Sandoval and the Tambopata Reserve not only offer an incredible variety of flora and fauna but also allow you to appreciate and appreciate the world we live in. You will have the possibility to stay several days near the lake if you wish. Lake Sandoval has a number of small lodges that offer various activities during your stay, where you will be able to observe a great variety of insects and bugs. There are trails along the lake to observe birds, mammals, and quite a bit of flora. All of these activities can be done in 1-5 hours.


Every day the popularity with the local, national and international public increases, and therefore some lodges have appeared to satisfy the tourist demand. Among the main accommodations we have: Lake Sandoval Lodge and Casa Sandoval Peru. These are some of the available lodges, they propose numerous excursions in the area and are undoubtedly a good option.


If your plans are to do more than a day trip on Sandoval Lake, then you should stay at a lodge. Take advantage of the proximity and stay at the Sandoval Lake Lodge. This lodge is constructed almost entirely of floating mahogany trees. These trees were naturally and ecologically harvested after floods carried the trunks downstream. The lodge is located in the middle of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, it has a large main room or dining room. It has 25 rooms, each one different from the other and well protected and well designed. They have basic services and amenities to enjoy a good stay. The facilities were built with environmentally friendly criteria and always complied with safety standards. Lake Sandoval Lodge has a rustic and traditional design. The rooms, restaurant, bar, and bungalows are protected by mosquito nets. In addition, the single rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. The rooms such as the single, double, matrimonial, and family rooms are cabin-shaped. All of them overlook the forest and the terraced gardens with hammocks. Of course, all rooms have private bathrooms with hot showers. But the best thing about this Lodge is its food, made with local ingredients that will make you savor in a charming setting.


Esta casa de huéspedes se encuentra cerca del lago. Ofrece un maravilloso y exclusivo jardín en el que relajarse. El precio del alojamiento es todo incluido, incluido el transporte de ida y vuelta. También hay comidas y diversas actividades para mantenerte ocupado. El establecimiento ofrece menús para dietas especiales y almuerzos para llevar bajo petición.los cuartos privados están equipados con bañera, tambíen tiene ducha y artículos de aseo gratuitos. Está a sólo 3 horas en coche de la ciudad de Pto Maldonado.


Being in an Amazonian region, the climate around Lake Sandoval will be humid with occasional rainfall. Rainfall in Tambopata National Reserve can vary between 2,500 and 3,000 millimeters per year. But most of the rainfall occurs during the rainy season (November to April). During the dry season, some cold fronts are expected from the South Atlantic. If you want to make the most of your stay in the Andean country, you should try to travel during the dry season. One of the best known facts about Peru is that the dry season coincides with the peak tourist season. Keep these facts in mind before planning your trip to the Peruvian Amazon