sandoval lake

Sandoval Lake: 4 reasons to visit it.

Here why Sandoval Lake and 4 reason to visit it. you can learn more about the rich Peruvian flora and fauna.

Within Madre de Dios there is a place considered a “mirror of heaven”. We are talking about Lake Sandoval, a beautiful and magical destination that can only be reached by boat or through a hike.

This attraction is located in the center of the Tambopata National Reserve and to get there you have to take a boat from Puerto Maldonado and then walk for 45 minutes to the lake.

Entrance to the reserve and Sandoval lake in Tambopata costs 30 soles, ideal to spend at least one night in this place and see the wildlife refuge in all its splendor.

Here Sandoval Lake 4 reason to visit it.

  1. Hike in the middle of the jungle: This reserve not only protects the animals, but also the communities. Therefore, there are only a few areas that you can get to know. The guide will show you the birds, spiders, insects and wild animals of its ecosystem.
    Lake Sandoval is located in the Tambopata National Reserve.
  2. Night visit: Lake Sandoval has a lodge inside that has all the comforts and is organized by an NGO that works in the conservation of the place. At night, there are tours of the lake to see otters, lizards and snakes.
  3. Fantastic animals: Of all types, colors and textures, it is a haven for animal life. You will be amazed at everything from cormorants, cat tigers, giant otters and lizards.
    The sheer number of animals will leave you open-mouthed.
  4. Breathtaking scenery: As mentioned at the beginning, it is considered a great mirror in the middle of the jungle. Waiting for the sunset in the region is a unique experience that you can live in few places in the world.

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